The Face

A good Face can get paid—and paid more—for going to the hottest party in town and not getting shot at than your average runner gets paid for being shot in the head. And even when the shooting’s necessary, you can be sure they’ve properly negotiated hazard pay, salvage rights, material compensation, and a dental plan (very important for crews with orks and trolls).

An aside: The Face and the face

Every running crew has a face. Not every crew has a Face. Someone has to find and negotiate with Mr. Johnsons, fixers, fences, doctors, cyberdoctors, fetishists, and talismongers. And that’s not even considering door guards, party patrons, wageslaves, targets, and that dope who lives next to your target who isn’t very bright, but happens to see what time they leave for work every morning.

The difference between a face and a Face is how good—and prepared—they are for these situations. While the face may show up for a meeting with Mr. Johnson at the Gravity Bar in street leathers and negotiate a decent price for services to be rendered, the Face will show up in a three-piece suit of the latest fashion, order the appropriate wine for the table, and chat with the Johnson over dinner until everyone’s comfortable with each other, all the while assessing the Johnson to see if (s)he is who (s)he says (s)he is and isn’t going to screw the team. Then, the Face will negotiate favorable (not just appropriate) compensation, including up-front compensation and gear sales/rights. After the meet, the Face will call up their friend at [Johnson’s stated corp overlord] to see if they’ve heard of [person of Johnson’s description] and keep digging until they know exactly who this Johnson is and if the deal is straight (it rarely is). At that point, the Face will bring the details back to the team and decide whether to muck the job and keep the upfront payment, muck the job and decline the upfront payment, or go through with it for the whole thing.

Options for the Face:

Most Faces are cybernetically enhanced, mundane individuals. The most popular cyberwear for a Face is Tailored Pheromones, which increases people’s reaction to the Face with chemical signals, though, of course, there are a number of biosculpting, recording, and strength cybernetics that greatly ease a Face’s job as well.

Adepts, while seemingly an odd choice to be a Face, have some powers that enhance their social graces (much like cyberwear does for mundane faces) and others that enhance their social skills. And, when the drek hits the fan (like it usually does), most of them can beat you to death with their hands.

While some people frown upon it, a number of magicians have become the Face of running crews. They use their magical abilities to boost their charisma, disorient, trick, or impress their negotiating opponents, and look great doing it. And, if things go bad, they’re a spell away from being out the door and invisible with an angry spirit causing chaos in their wake.

The Face

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