In the early days of the Awakening, babies started being born as dwarves and elves. Several years later, a drastic number of human teenagers and young adults transformed overnight into orks and trolls. Each race comes with pros, cons, and costs.


The default majority. Racism against humans is rare and isolated, and all statistics are based on the human average. In game terms, it costs nothing to be human, there are no detriments, and you get a little extra Edge (luck).


Dwarves are, well, short. Their also tough, but a little slower than a human. They resist disease and toxin, and they have thermographic vision (heat-seeing). They cost 2 (of 5) priority and their lifestyle’s more expansive as they must adapt a world built for tall people to their needs. Dwarves are mostly accepted as industrious workers who are more likely to benefit you than gut you in an alleyway, but are often dismissed as “just a dwarf”.


Elves are the darlings of metahumanity. They’re prettier and faster, and some people even get cosmetic surgery to appear elven. This has built some resentment (You think you’re better than me?) Elves are the only metarace that have managed to carve out their own nations (Tir Tairngire in what was Oregon is one). Elves can see in starlight as well as humans can in full light. They cost 1/5 priority.


Orks, the more numerous of the “goblin” races, are tough and strong, but not as pretty or intelligent as humans. Of the metaraces, they are most often discriminated against, due to their appearance and the historical place in fiction. Orks can see as well as elves in low-light and cost 2/5 priority.


Trolls hold second place for “most discriminated against” only because no one wants to be flattened by an angry troll, so fewer people discriminate against them (to their faces). Trolls are a lot stronger and tougher, but a little slower, less intelligent, less intuitive, and less charismatic than humans. They have long arms (good for melee fighting), dermal deposits in their skin (natural armor), and thermographic vision. They cost 3/5 priority and their lifestyle costs are doubled as they deal with a world built for people 2/3 their height.


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