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Character Archetypes

Required archetypes for most runs (if a PC doesn’t fill the role, an NPC will be created to fill it. Of course, this means loot sharing with NPCs).

Hacker (either a decker or a technomancer): Hacking into Matrix nodes to get paydata, bypass security, and even turn opponents cyberware against them is an often required activity.

Spellslinger (either a hermetic mage or a shaman): Interacting with the Astral Plane, fighting Awakened creatures, dispelling mana barriers, and countering enemy mages is all part of the spellslingers role (as well as throwing out magic of their own to harm and help).

B&E: Sometimes, a door is not Matrix connected, and it still has to be gotten through. This is less an archetype than a skillset, and will usually be filled by either a decker or a covert ops specialist, though the skillset is available to anyone.

The Face: Like B&E, the Face can be any archetype, but someone has to fill the role. This can either be someone specializing in being the Face, or someone with a different specialization who functions as the Face of this group. Who arranges jobs, negotiates payments, haggles with vendors, and attends the occasional upscale gala? A PC WILL fill this role; it’s just a matter if they’ll be good at it or not.

I’ll be writing breakdowns of the various character roles, including the above (and specific types of the above) as well as riggers (deckers who control vehicles and drones), street samurai (warriors with extensive cybernetics to enhance their combat abilities), weapon specialists (exactly as it says on the tin), and physical adepts (basically magic ninjas; Whitney is in the process of making an adept).

In addition to an archetype, everyone must choose a metahuman race.

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