Breaking and Entering

People in Seattle are an understandably wary lot, and people with something to hide even more so. And, since Shadowrunners are typically tasked with stealing, destroying, kidnapping, and/or exposing what people (often powerful people) are trying to hide, sooner or later they’re going to encounter a locked door. And, while your average Matrix-swimming deck-head will brag there’s not a door he can’t open, a lot of people have become smart enough to leave some door locks off the Matrix. Then what, Leeroy?

Breaking and entering requires (as Liam Neeson would say) a particular set of skills: perception, hardware, locksmith, forgery, electronic warfare and, if you want to get past the drek-hot stuff, chemistry and disguise. You don’t want people knowing about what you’re doing, so electronic warfare is also a good bet, as are various stealth skills and computers. And to know what you have to break into, when, and where, you’ll want some good information gathering skills (either social or Matrix-based).

With all that, while it’s certainly possible for hackers of various stripes and even mages to be familiar with SOME parts B&E, to get ALL of them in a single package you want a covert operative.

Covert operatives specialize in getting in, out, and paid before the devil knows they’re dead—or the corp knows they’ve been robbed. Think Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible—the FIRST one when he actually attempted to be sneaky—with cybernetic enhancements.

Breaking and Entering

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